About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Crux Ingredients your choice for organic and natural ingredients. We are a food ingredient importer, trader, wholesaler, and end-user of ingredients. We can assist you in all aspects of the Natural Products Industry. Crux Ingredients is an organization that can adapt to your companies’ individual needs. With decades of industry experience, extensive knowledge, immense contacts, no problem we cannot solve, no ingredients we cannot source.

Our Mission

To create long-lasting and trusted relationships in the food industry that benefit all parties involved. We provide our customers with high-quality organic and natural ingredients at competitive prices through trusted relationships by processing our ingredients through GFSI cleaners direct from our farmers. We help bring new and innovative ideas to market and identify industry trends. Working directly with ingredient producers/ farmers to always have a pulse on future crop supply, ensuring we can meet customer demands.

Convenient Warehousing

Currently, we warehouse at many third-party cold storage facilities across the USA. Facilitating your ingredient needs cutting shipping costs as well as decreasing lead time. Many of our products are kept in refrigeration to extend shelf life.

Why Processors, Brands & Co-packers prefer to work with Us

Dependable Partners

We first want to hear about your business. Companies can be complex and diverse on both goals and ingredients used. We work to listen to these goals and present innovative solutions.


We can source next to any ingredient in the world. With an accurate volume indication & specification, let us get to work to solve your issues.

Cost saving Solutions

We import products directly to a third-party warehouse. Having a secure and in-stock supply can decrease or eliminate lead time and increase cost-saving. We can then pass that saving along to you, the customer.

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